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Your Overwhelm is Carrying a Message

WHAT IS YOUR OVERWHELM TRYING TO TELL YOU? Overwhelm does not just show up one day because something didn’t go as planned. Overwhelm slowly sets in over a period of time. It comes from that fact that your day is routinely filled with something (or things) that fills you with anger, resentment, anxiety, and/or exhaustion. You try so hard to avoid the “SOMETHING” because getting real about it is hard AF. You tell yourself a story to try to convince yourself “this is just part of life” or “this will all go away someday.” But, here’s a truth bomb for you…. that thing you are trying to avoid dealing with is ALREADY happening. It’s already here and it’s already affecting you daily. It’s affecting your health, your sleep, your relationships, your energy, your job, your marriage, your parenting, etc. So, as this settles into your thoughts today, I will kindly remind you that you have the choice to either accept overwhelm as part of your life OR do something about it. Which one will you choose? The answer to this might be easy. It’s knowing where to start that’s tricky. Start by asking yourself these simple questions: 1. What is REALLY causing my overwhelm? 2. How is this negatively affecting my life? 3. On a scale of 1-10, how necessary is it to take action NOW? If someone asked me for my answer on question #3 a couple years ago, I think I was at a 12! I was drowning in overwhelm. When I decided to take action, I had absolutely NO idea what I would discover, but I can tell you I am beyond proud of myself for making necessary changes. Now, it’s your turn. If you answered #3 with a 7+, your overwhelm is telling you it’s time to take back control and I am here to help!

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